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Who We Are

The Lifelong Learning Network (LLN) was established with the Crossroads Academy serving as the coordinating entity for the CAPE grant in the late 1990s. The CAPE Grant made its way to Marshall County through the successful application of the Marshall County Community Foundation.  Lifelong Learning Network was one of 3 awardees of that grant application. 
The Crossroads Technology Group, as part of LLN, soon organized and began to build technological training opportunities to advance the skills of youth and adults, and to make the area friendlier to businesses with technological needs. 

The group evolved to include a facility, executive, assistant, and a two-year budget for basic needs. Called Crossroads Academy, the group is a consortium of school districts, colleges, government, business, and interested citizens. 

The first training program was designed for high school students and began in the fall of 2001. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) classes were planned for 2002, with other similar advanced courses followed. Advanced classes for adults were offered in the Crossroads Academy facility as well as other locations throughout the county.  This work evolved over the years and formed into what LLN is spearheading today.  
In the spring of 2021, LLN decided to broaden its scope and support a lifelong continuum of education needs. It will become a clearinghouse for educational information and programs for Marshall County.  It does and will continue to offer a variety of educational activities for county citizens. LLN aims to expand program initiatives and staff, and to fulfill the vision of inspiring learning that prepares everyone for their greatest potential in our thriving hometowns.
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